We want to understand more about how you engage with films so we can improve your Labocine experience. To do this you are invited to complete a short anonymous survey about how you decide whether to view a film.

In the first section, you will be asked how often you view Labocine films, how you like to discover new films and what roles best describe you.

In the second section, you will be presented with questions each with a set of film characteristics. For each set you will be asked to select the characteristic that is 'Most Important' and 'Least Important' to your decision whether to view a film. The questions may seem similar in this section, however, please pay close attention as the combination of characteristics change with each question. The trade-offs you make between the characteristics when answering these questions allows us to understand their relative importance to your decision whether to view a film.

Finally, there is an optional question to provide any other feedback about Labocine.

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On average how many films do you view on Labocine each month?
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How do you like to discover new films on Labocine?
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What role(s) best describe you?
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If you have any other feedback about Labocine please enter it in the box below or leave the box blank and just press the next button to complete the survey.


Thank you for completing this Labocine survey.